Welcome to the Thirty-First Century.

It is a time of great adventure, and great peril. A millennium ago, mankind broke the chains of gravity and escaped the confines of slower-than-light travel. We stepped out into the galaxy, and from Earth, today we stand on more than a thousand planets.

A thousand different worlds. Myriad different societies, states, and factions. They are rich and poor, industrious and slovenly, graceful and corrupt. They have their share of nobles and peasants, workers and executives, native citizens and unwilling Relocants. But for all the different cultures that we have bred, one thing remains the same everywhere.

We are still the same. We are still human, for better or for worse. Sometimes, it is for better . . . and sometimes, it is for worse.

It is the time of the Government, and the Zealot Hegemony. It is the time of the Major States, and the Lesser Territories. The time of corporate empires and cartels. The time of intrigues and espionage, of conspiracies and coups, of conquests and rebellions.

It is the time of adventure, and struggle, and war, on a planetary and interplanetary scale.

It is the time of the Mercenaries' Guild, the time of the soldier of fortune.

It is the time of the Lion.

The universe of the Black Lion Regiment is now under construction. When this site premieres in Spring 2011, you will be able to read the adventures of its soldiers. But more than that, you will be able to experience -- and involve yourself in -- the universe of the Black Lions in an ongoing and interactive way. Will you be a Government official, or an acolyte of the Hegemony? You choose. A planetary ruler, or a rebel leader? It's up to you. A corporate executive or a freelance spacer? The decision rests with you.

Your choices, and your interaction with other subscribers and with NPCs, will determine your place in the XXXI Century. There are fortunes to be made, and fortunes to be lost. There are worlds to be conquered, governed, developed, and shattered. Success or failure will rest with you and your decisions. Triumph and fame, fortune and glory, disaster and destruction, all await you. And when the here-and-now calls you away from the Black Lions universe . . . the universe goes on.

"So, does anybody wanna dance with the Lion? Anybody feel like playing the dying game?"

Copyright 2003 by James J. Burnett. All rights reserved.